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signup, login, & accounts



Wholesale Gorilla has created a customer signup and login process that seamlessly integrates with the design and functionality of your shop.  

linking to signup and login pages

We recommend creating a link on your homepage or main navigation bar named ‘Wholesale’ that links to https://<your-site-domain-here>.com/a/wsg/proxy/login

This directs a customer to your store’s login page.  This page contains a link for customers so that they can sign up for a wholesale account.  You can use your shop’s normal login page, however the signup link will not be there.

signup page

Here a customer can sign up for a wholesale account on your store.  When a new customer signs up you will receive a notification outlining any further action required by you.  Once a customer signs up, their information is accessible in the Customers section of your Shopify admin.

Signup Activation Settings:

You can have tags automatically applied to a new customer when they sign up. Enter as many tags as you want separated by commas. A great feature to use with ‘Auto-Activation’ so that customers can start shopping as soon as they sign up.

Checking Automatically Activate Customer Accounts activates a new customer as soon as they submit the signup form so they can begin shopping with discounted prices. Keep this off if you want to approve the account before they can start shopping. If you keep this off, you will receive an email when a new customer signs up with a link to their page in your shopify admin. From here you can review the customer’s information, add tags or notes, and send an account invite (click Send Account Invite towards the top of the Customer’s page).

account page

Once a customer logs in they are redirected to their account page.  Here they will see a link to the Quick Order Form, any custom messages you want them to see, any other important account information.  The image below is only an example, your account page will have the same design, colors, and settings you set up in your store’s theme.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.58.26 AM.png