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How long does it take to install? How much does it cost?

We can get you set up within 1 business day and it’s free!

Do you support all Shopify themes?

Any theme that is listed on the Shopify theme store is supported, and almost all themes purchased outside of Shopify are supported as well. Occasionally a theme purchased from a 3rd party falls outside of what we are able to incorporate with our app. If you are unsure the best bet is to install the app so we can access your theme code and verify compatibility.

Do I need to create all new customer accounts?

No, existing customer accounts can be used. To give wholesale discounts to an existing customer add the tag associated with a discount rule in Wholesale Gorilla to their customer account.

How does Net Checkout work?

Customers with Net Terms can checkout on your store without paying. After clicking checkout in the cart they are prompted to enter their shipping address, and then they are directed to a Thank You page where you can outline terms or next steps.

A new draft order is created in Shopify and you are alerted to the new order. From there you can send an invoice, adjust the order, and do all of the normal draft order actions. Wholesale Gorilla can automatically invoice the customer when they place the order, however automatically following up on invoices is not a feature at this time.

Can I use discount codes?

The Shopify API we use does not allow us to add discount codes to a wholesale order. A lot of developers have been complaining to Shopify about this so hopefully they will change things down the line.

Can I have different prices for different wholesale customers?

Yes! You can have as many prices for as many different customers as you want.

What’s the deal with the shipping pop-up at checkout?

In order to apply custom shipping rates we need to verify the customer’s shipping address before sending the order to Shopify for processing. This will only appear for wholesale customers and will have the same look and feel of your store.

Can I use other discount apps?

Using multiple discount apps at the same time is generally not advised since they do similar things and often end up fighting with each other and causing problems on your store. Usually we are able to disable other discount apps for wholesale customers, but we always check with you first.

Do you support currency conversion?

The Shopify API we use only allows us to process wholesale orders in the default currency for your store. Shopify is making some big updates to how they handle currency conversion, so hopefully this will change in the future.

Can I create wholesale orders manually?

Yes! More info on that here.

Can I hide certain elements from wholesale customers?

Yes! Just let us know what you need hidden.

What happens when I update my theme?

If you are duplicating a theme that already has Wholesale Gorilla installed then you will be good to go. If you are publishing a new theme we’ll have to add some code to it to keep Wholesale Gorilla running. When you make the change we’ll be automatically notified, but if you schedule a time with us in advance we can have minimal wholesale downtime on your store.