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Geting Started

Startup Checklist


Getting Started Checklist

Welcome!  This is  brief overview to get up and running with Wholesale Gorilla.   See the full User Guide for a detailed look at how the app works.


1. Set Wholesale Discounts

Open the app and click Discounts.  Here is a list of all the active wholesale price rules for your store (it will most likely be blank right now).  

Click Create Discount and make a new discount rule.  When you’re done click Save and repeat for as many discount rules as you like.


2. Set Shipping Rules

Back at Home Base click Shipping

If you want to use whatever rates you have set up in your Shopify shipping settings you can skip this section. Otherwise click Enable and fill out any fields you want to enable.  If you don’t want to use a shipping rate option you can leave it blank. 

Shipping can be confusing, we highly recommend you read the detailed Shipping Guide in our docs for more information and examples.

Tip:  If all you want to do is override any free shipping rates you set up in your Shopify admin, you can just click Enable, and leave all the shipping rates fields empty.   Wholesale Gorilla will then use any non-free rates you set in your Shopify shipping settings.

Confused?  Working with shipping rates in Shopify can be a bit confusing.  If you need help you can skip this section and email support@wholesalegorilla and we can set up a call to walk you through it.


3. Customer Settings

Back at Home Base click Customers

This is where you set customer signup and login settings.  You can add custom messages and set your account activation settings.   For a detailed look at these options click here.

Linking to your login page.

Here we will add a link to your wholesale login on your website.  At the top of the customers page under Shop Integration you will see a link to your wholesale login page in bold. Highlight the link and copy it (cmd + C for Mac, ctrl + C for Windows).

Next on the far left click Online Store on your Shopify navigation menu, and then when the page loads click Navigation.  

Click the navigation menu that is your main set of links for your site (usually called Main Menu) to edit.  Then click Add Menu Item.  

Give it the name: Wholesale, and then paste the link you copied into the Link field.  A little box will pop up and you then actually have to click the link in the box to set it (kind of weird but just how it works).  Click Add and then Save (upper right of the screen) and head back to the Wholesale Gorilla App


4. General Settings

Back at Home Base click Settings

Here you can set overall settings for the app such as minimum order amounts, ship partial options, etc.

If you use Shopify to track your inventory and want to take advantage of Wholesale Gorilla’s Backordered or Ship Partial features, check the box Shopify tracks my inventory. Important: if Shopify does not track your inventory or you are unsure, keep this box unchecked.

If Shopify tracks your inventory we recommend enabling the Ship Partial Option as well as Backordered Messages.  This way if someone orders an out of stock item and you enabled "Allow customers to purchase when out of stock" on the item's product page, a message will appear on the customer's product page, Quick Order Form, and cart.  Retail customers will also see a backordered notice on the product page.  If Shopify does not track your inventory keep these features off.

Tip: Product Exclusions are a very useful way of hiding items from wholesalers.  If you set a wholesale discount for a collection, but have a few products in the collection you don’t want to sell wholesale you can tag them with your product exclusion tags.  They will be hidden from collection pages and Quick Order Form, and will keep their normal retail price.

EU Merchants: Read about setting a domestic VAT rate here.


5. Set Up Quick Order Form

Back at Home Base click Quick Order Form

Here you can exclude collections from the Quick Order Form, and add a custom message as well.  If you exclude a collection it will not appear on the Quick Order Form - it will still appear on your site, however.


6. Enable Net Terms

Back at Home Base click Net Terms

If you would like to enable Net Terms for certain customers click Enable.  Here you can set the net terms tag and other options for the Net checkout process.  

A net customer will be redirected to the Net Confirmation Page after they click checkout.  The confirmation message is a great place to outline payment terms.

***Important*** Installing Other Apps

Installing other apps that modify prices on your store or take over the checkout process can cause serious conflicts with Wholesale Gorilla and potentially affect your store’s ability to process orders. Generally other app developers should warn you about conflicts when you install their app, but in our experience this doesn’t always happen. Please contact us if you are unsure about compatibility with another app before installing it.

Theme Changes

Proper functioning of Wholesale Gorilla depends on code we added to your theme. If you update, change, or get a new theme this code will likely need to be added again, which could result in temporary downtime of wholesale purchasing on your store. Please contact us before doing a major theme change so we can minimize this downtime and help with the transition.

All done!  

Now it’s time to watch the orders start rolling in.



What's Next?

How do customers sign up?

When they click the Wholesale link we created on your homepage they will be directed to the account login page.  From there they can click Create Account to sign up.  Depending on the settings you set in the Customers section of Wholesale Gorilla their account will either be Auto-Activated or you will have to send them an invite.  Either way you will be emailed a signup notice.  You can also add tags to existing customers in your Shopify admin Customers section.  Learn More

What happens when I get an order?

Wholesale orders will behave like any other order you get on Shopify.  You will see an order note on all wholesale orders indicating they are wholesale.

The process for Net Terms orders is different.  Learn more here.

How do I see wholesale prices on my site?

You can create a test account on your site, and if you have a customer tag associated with a wholesale discount rule you can view the site as a wholesale customer.

Alternate Payment Buttons (Paypal, Amazon Pay, etc.)

Some stores have  buttons for alternate payment methods under the checkout button on their cart page.  In order for Wholesale Gorilla to function properly we have to hide these buttons.  The customer will still have the option to use these payment methods on the Checkout Page, they will only be hidden on the cart page. 



Need Help?

Check out the User Guide for detailed instructions on each section.  We are happy to walk you through the install over the phone or with screen sharing.  To set up a call email support@wholesalegorilla.net