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Managing Wholesale Prices

On this page: This guide will cover the basics of creating, editing, and managing wholesale prices (aka discount rules).

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Managing Wholesale Prices

On this page: This guide will cover the basics of creating, editing, and managing wholesale prices (aka discount rules).

Discount Rule Basics

Our app offers select customers wholesale pricing through discount rules. These rules can be set to offer a percentage off the retail price of your products, or you can set a fixed wholesale price for items on your store.

Discount rules can apply to:

Entire Store: Applies to every product in your store
Collection: Applies to every product in a specific collection
Product/Variants: Applies to a specific product - you can even set discount rules for specific product variants!

When creating rules, you will also choose a customer tag; this tag will need to be added to any customer accounts that you wish to receive the discount, and they will automatically receive this pricing when they log in to their account on your store.

Wholesale vs. Retail Accounts

The main difference between a retail and wholesale customer is whether or not they have a customer tag on their account that corresponds to a tag set for a discount rule in Wholesale Gorilla.


Wholesale Gorilla recognizes the discount rule’s tag as a key to safely unlock the door to wholesale features to your customer, so all wholesale customers must have at least one active discount rule tag on their account in order to access any wholesale features and to see wholesale pricing.

On top of unlocking access to the rest of our features, discount rules allow your wholesale customers to see their prices instantly throughout your shop without any extra steps, codes or passwords. They can browse and place orders on your shop just as a retail customer would - but with their wholesale prices displayed in place of the retail pricing through the entire shopping process.  

Discount rules also offer to lessen your workload as you only need to set up a rule once for it to remain in effect every time your customer wants to place an order.

Tip: You can create discount rules on the same item that offer different prices to different customers by using different tags on each rule.

Discount rules can easily be deleted once they have been created, and you can revoke a particular customer’s access to a discount by removing that tag from their account.

Choosing a discount type & level

Wholesale Gorilla provides many different options for setting up discount rules. Below is an explanation of the two types of discounts available as well as more information on the four levels of discount rules.

Discount Types


Percent Off

This will discount the retail cost by a certain percentage to create a new wholesale cost.

Retail Price: $10.00 => Percent Off: 20%

Wholesale Price = $8.00

Changing the retail price of the product in Shopify will change the wholesale price.


Set Price

This will set the product’s wholesale price to a specific amount.

Retail Price: $10.00 => Set Price Amount: $8.00

Wholesale Price = $8.00

Changing the retail price of the product will only affect this discount if you set the retail price lower than the set cost of the discount (wholesale customers will always get the lowest price of the product, even if it’s the “retail” price). Otherwise, changing the retail price of your product will not change the wholesale price of the products that this rule is set for.


Discount Levels

Entire Store

This discount rule will apply to every item in your store.

This discount is great for testing whether your discount rules are working or not. It is also perfect for stores that offer the same percent off or set price on every item they sell.

Tip: If you need to charge more for any item within your shop, you would need to delete this rule and make a new one (since the wholesale customer will always get the lowest price). If you need to price an item lower than the rest, you can simply add a new discount rule for this item and the wholesale customer will be given the lower price while everything else keeps this entire site based discount.


The discount rule will apply to every item in a specific collection.

This discount works well when you have collections set up with already like-priced items/items that will receive the same percent off based on type. You can edit your collection within Shopify to change which items will or won’t receive this discount without having to make a new rule.

Tip: You can make collections in Shopify for the sole purpose of organizing discounts. For example you can create a collection in Shopify called Wholesale-50 and set a discount rule in Wholesale Gorilla for that collection to be 50% off, and another called Wholesale-40 that is 40% off. You don’t have to link to these collection in your store navigation, but can use them just to organize wholesale prices.


This rule will apply to a specific product.

If a product has variants you will see a checkbox “Apply discount to all variants.” Uncheck this box and a list of variants will appear. From here you can set a fixed price or percent off for each individual variant. Any amount fields left blank will be ignored and no discount rule will be created for that variant.

Selecting Multiple Products

After selecting “Product” for a discount level you can choose multiple products in the modal box that appears on screen. This is great for entering prices in bulk, or setting prices for multiple products when a collection discount won’t work.

By default you will need to enter the price for each variant, but if you click “Apply to variants” next to a product you can set the price (or % off) for the product as a whole and it will apply to all of the product’s variants.

Any blank fields will be ignored and no discount will be set.

Create a wholesale discount

Below are the steps to creating a discount rule. If this is your first time creating a discount rule or you are testing whether your discount rules are still working, please follow the recommendations in italics.

  1. Open the Wholesale Gorilla app and click on the ‘Discounts’ tab. On the upper right of the page click ‘Create Discount’.

  2. Next you will pick the Discount Level. The discount level determines what the discount will be set upon; our app offers 4 different discount levels (see above in bold). We recommend testing your first discount rule on the ‘Entire Store’ level, as this will give you the quickest idea of whether the rule is working or not.


3. Next you will need to pick out a tag for the discount rule. This will be the tag that you apply to any customer accounts that you wish to attach this pricing to. In this example, we have chosen the tag ‘wholesale’.



Wholesale (capital W) is not equal to wholesale (lowercase w)

4. Next you will pick the Discount Type - Percentage based or Set Price. We recommend testing your first discount rule on the ‘Set Price’ style of discount, as this will give you the quickest idea of whether the rule is working or not.


5. Your last step is to enter something into the Amount field, which will depend on which style of discount you have selected: 

  • If you selected Percent Off enter a numeral for the percent you wish to deduct from the retail price

  • If you selected Set Price enter the exact wholesale price of the item

    In the example below, we have entered ‘$8.88’ as the new set price for our entire store:


6. Once you have completed each step of the discount rule creation, click Save


*PLEASE NOTE! Your discount will not take effect until the same tag set in the rule is applied to a customer’s account and that customer has logged in to their account.

You can check out our guide on customer account set up for more information on this process.

Here is what your discount rule would look like following our example.

Here is what your discount rule would look like following our example.

FAQ - Wholesale Pricing

Can I created tiered/volume based/quantity based discounts?

Unfortunately this is not available at this time - all of our discounts will apply flat no matter the volume purchased. This is a feature that we plan to add very soon, at which time our app features page (as well as this question) will be updated.

Can I upload my discounts in bulk/via CSV?

Unfortunately our app doesn’t currently offer a bulk upload or CSV upload feature at this time. We do plan to add such a function at some point in the future, but at this time all discounts must be created manually. We recommend using our multiple product or collection based discount levels if you have a particularly large product database. 

Can I create more than one discount on an item for the same customer?

Technically yes, however only one discount will ever actually apply to the product; Our app will always select the largest discount when given the option between multiple discount rules for the same product. - so the wholesale customer will always get the lowest applicable price of the product.

Can I create different discounts for different customers?

Absolutely! You will simply want to use different tags on the different discount rules in order to keep them separated. 

Can I delete a discount rule? 

Sure! You will simply need to click the trash can icon next to any discount rules that you wish to remove from your shop. 

Will my wholesale price be affected by putting an item “On Sale” through Shopify?

If you are using a Percent Off discount for the wholesale price then yes! If you change the price of your item through a sale, any discount rules on this item will now apply to the sale price. So if you have an item that is normally priced for retail at $10.00 and apply a wholesale discount rule to it for 10% off, your product’s wholesale price would normally come out to $9.00 (since 10% of $10.00 is $1.00). If you put said item on sale through Shopify’s sale feature to bring the retail cost out to $8.00, your wholesale price will now be $7.20 (since 10% of $8.00 is $0.80).

Set Price discounts will not be affected by changes to the retail price of the product.

Can I make a discount rule that is higher in price than my retail price?

Our app will always offer your wholesale customer the lowest available price on a product, so this is not possible. If you price an item for retail at a cost lower than your discount rule, the lower price will always win out.  

Can I offer an additional price discount on top of the one offered by my discount rule?

Due to limitations put in place by Shopify, this is not currently possible - you would simply need to work the full discount price into your wholesale discount rule in order to remove this extra amount from the item’s wholesale cost. 

Can my wholesale customers use a discount/coupon code at checkout? 

This isn’t currently possible due to Shopify’s limitation of “one” discount per order (please note: our app can support as many discount RULES as you need, as these count as the “one” discount). Your wholesale customers will not be able to use any additional coupons or discount codes on a wholesale order. 

My retail price shows briefly before the wholesale price appears - what can I do to fix this?

Wholesale Gorilla needs to wait until the browser says it’s safe to modify elements on the page before we can change the price from retail to wholesale. Our app load in the background, and as soon as the DOM Content Loaded event is fired by the browser we can change the prices to wholesale. How quickly this trigger fires will depend on a variety of factors (including connection speed, how many other apps you are running, how many scripts your theme runs, etc).

The only way to speed up how quickly the prices change is to reduce the amount of time until the DOM Content Loaded event is triggered. You can contact a Shopify expert (we are happy to recommend some if needed), or you can use this tool from Google to learn what might be slowing your site down the most.

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