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Manual Orders


How it works

To add wholesale discounts to a draft order follow these steps:

  1. Create a new draft order in Shopity with all the products added to it.

  2. Add a customer to the order (a customer must have tags matching your discount rules in Wholesale Gorilla to receive wholesale discounts).*

  3. Save the order.

  4. Towards the top select More actions > Add wholesale discount.

  5. Follow the on screen prompts and wait until you are directed back to the draft order to see wholesale prices.

*Make sure you add a customer to the order before applying the wholesale discount or you will receive an error.

** Make sure there are no tags on the draft order before applying the wholesale discount. Sometimes tags on the order confuses Shopify, so add any custom order tags after applying wholesale discounts.

Please note this a fully manual order.  Any minimum rules, shipping rates, etc. will be ignored and only the discount rules will be applied.

To learn more about creating manual orders in Shopify click here.

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