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Net Orders


How it works

When customers with the Net Tag you specify click ‘Checkout’ in their cart they will be redirected to a Net Confirmation Page.   Their order then enters Draft Status, and can be viewed in the Drafts section of your Shopify admin.   From here you can do a lot of useful things with the order such as collecting outside payment, sending invoices, etc. as outlined in the Shopify Help Docs

The order will remain as a draft until it is paid or marked as payment pending.  At this point it is up to you to ensure the customer completes the checkout process.  

  • Some 3rd party invoicing or shipping apps such as QuickBooks require that an order be moved from drafts into the orders tab to be put into their system. Once an order is moved out of drafts you can not enter payment or modify it in many ways. This is an unfortunate limitation in Shopify that is out of our control. Merchants have been complaining about this for a couple years, so feel free to add your complaint to this Shopify thread and hopefully they will make the change some day.

Set up

To set up a customer with Net terms, open Wholesale Gorilla and click on the Net Terms tab. First set a customer tag to give Net terms to. Any customer with this tag will have their orders processed as Net and will not be required to pay at checkout.

If you select Auto-Email Invoice then the customer will be automatically sent an invoice of their order to the email address on file immediately after clicking Checkout.  

Under Net Confirmation Page you can set a custom message to be displayed on the page the customer is redirected to after clicking Checkout. This is a useful place to outline order terms and next steps.

  • Note: You will be automatically sent a notice from Wholesale Gorilla each time a new Net order is placed. Make sure your spam filter doesn’t block messages from: orders@wholesalegorilla.net You can manage your email preferences in the Settings tab of Wholesale Gorilla.

Another important note is that abandoned wholesale checkouts also live in the Drafts section of Shopify. You can use our Abandoned Checkout Tool to differentiate between abandoned checkouts and Net orders.

To learn more about completing draft orders see the Shopify Help Docs.

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