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Discount rules

Pricing rules are based on customer tags - a customer must have a tag that matches a discount rule tag in order for any Wholesale Gorilla features to activate.   Learn more about customer tags in Shopify here.

To create a new discount rule open the app and navigate to Discounts. Then in the upper right click Create Discount.  

If products have multiple wholesale discount rules only the lowest priced rule will apply.  For example imagine a product costs $40.00, and you set a wholesale price of $20.00.  You also set a wholesale discount for 10% off your entire store.  The wholesale price of the product would be $20.00 - not $18.00 ($20 - 10%).

Discount Levels

Entire Store: Applies to every product in your store
Collection: Applies to every product in a specific collection
Product: Applies to a specific product and/or variants

Products with variants
For products with variants you will see a checkbox labeled Apply discount to all variants. If this is checked the discount you set will apply to all variants of a product. If unchecked you will have the option to set a discount for each product variant. Any variants left blank will be ignored and keep their original retail price.

Customer Tag

Customers with this tag will receive the discount (only one tag per discount rule).  If multiple rules apply for the same customer, the lowest price will always be given.

Discount Amounts

Percent Off or Set Price

If you select Percent Off  the item(s) will be discounted by the specified percent. For example a $10 item with a Percent Off amount of 30% will now cost $7

If you select Set Price you can enter the specific price of the item(s).  For example if you enter a Set Price amount of $4.00, the item will now cost $4.00  Note: If the discounted price is higher than the original the customer will always receive the lower price.

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