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Custom Shipping


How it works

Wholesale Gorilla allows you to set custom shipping rules that only apply to orders processed through the app.  If you do not enable custom shipping, all wholesale orders will use whatever shipping rates you set up in the Shopify admin.  If you enable custom shipping, the rates you set up in Wholesale Gorilla will take priority over Shopify rates. 

IMPORTANT: The lowest shipping price will always be offered to the customer - including calculated rates set in the Shopify admin.  Free, Price, and Weight Based rates set in your Shopify shipping zones will be ignored.  Meaning if you set custom wholesale rates, but a calculated shipping rate you set up in Shopify is lower, the Shopify rate will apply.  

Custom Rates

Free Shipping

Set a minimum cart subtotal for a customer to get free shipping on an order with active wholesale prices.  

Tip: If all you want to do is override any free, price, or weight based rates you set up in your Shopify admin, you can just click Enable, and leave all the shipping rates fields empty.   Wholesale Gorilla will then use the calculated rates you set in your Shopify shipping settings.

Flat Rate Shipping

A flat shipping fee applied to all wholesale orders regardless of order amount.

Percentage Rate

The shipping rate for the order is a percent of the order subtotal rounded down to the nearest dollar.  For example if you set a percentage rate of 0.5% an order of $1000 will be charged $50.00 for shipping.  This is a useful alternative to regular shipping rates where you want to give your wholesale customers a break on shipping, but want it to more accurately reflect the size of the order.  Think of it as a cap on how much a customer will be charged for shipping - like a flat fee that increases as the order gets bigger.  

For example:

Imagine you are shipping a bulky, heavy order from New York City to California, and you set a Percentage Rate of 0.75% in Wholesale Gorilla.

Shopify calculates a UPS Ground rate of $137.50.
Wholesale Gorilla calculates a Percentage Rate of $75.00
The customer is charged $75.00 for shipping (Wholesale Gorilla always picks the lowest).

Let's say you are sending the same $1000 order to New Jersey and Shopify calculates a UPS Ground rate of $54.33. Since the customer always gets the lowest shipping rate possible, the $75 Percentage Rate you set in Wholesale Gorilla will be ignored and they will be only charged $54.33 for shipping.

A percentage rate is a great way to encourage larger orders by subsidizing some of the shipping cost, while not over-charging for orders that are not being shipped so far away.


If you choose Submit as draft order, any orders from outside your shop’s country will be processed as draft orders.  After clicking ‘Checkout’ in your cart, international orders will be automatically redirected to a separate order confirmation page and you will be emailed with a notice to view the draft order, add shipping rates, and invoice the customer.

A Shipping Example:

The Setup:
In Shopify you set up a Domestic Shipping Zone that uses USPS rates.
In Shopify you make a free rate: all orders over $25 get free shipping.
In Wholesale Gorilla you set up a flat rate shipping fee of $15 for any wholesale order.

The Order:
A wholesale customer places an order for $300
Shopify says that the order gets free shipping - this is ignored
Shopify calculates a USPS Priority Mail rate of $7.35
Wholesale Gorilla calculates a Flat Rate of $15.00
The customer will be charged a shipping rate of $7.35 (The USPS Priority rate you set in Shopify)