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Quick Order Form



The Quick Order Form is a great way for wholesale customers who are already familiar with your line to quickly shop your store.  The form is arranged by collections, and each product on the form links to its Product page if a customer wants to see more details or bigger pictures.


Product exclusions

Any products with exclusion tags that you have set up on Wholesale Gorilla’s Settings page will not appear on the Quick Order Form. To hide products from wholesale or retail customers you can use product tags. More info on that here.


Quick Order Form Navigation

Here you can choose whether a collection is included or excluded from the Quick Order Form navigation menu.

Included: Any collections that you add to the list will appear on on the Quick Order Form Navigation.

Excluded: Any collections on this list will be removed from the Quick Order Form Navigation menu.

To include or exclude collections:

  1. Open Wholesale Gorilla and go to the Quick Order Form tab.

  2. In the Navigation section use the dropdown to choose whether to include or exclude the collections you will select in the next step.

  3. Click Add collection and select collections to add to the list.

  4. Save.

Have more than 250 Collections? Shopify will only let us access 500 collections at a time (250 Custom Collections, and 250 Automated Collections). If you have more than 250 collections we recommend using the Include method of creating the Quick Order Form Navigation. If you choose Exclude only the first 250 collections will be available to add to the navigation.



If you enable these inventory settings on the Wholesale Gorilla Settings page, they will have the following effect on the Quick Order Form:

Shopify tracks my inventory: Enabling this will use a product’s inventory settings to limit the quantity a user can enter on the Quick Order Form. If a product does not allow customers to purchase when out of stock they will not be allowed to enter a quantity higher than the amount of inventory remaining for the product. If they enter an amount greater than the inventory remaining they will see a warning message alerting them to the amount of inventory available.

For the following product settings a customer would only be able to add 28 of the product to the cart. Typing more than 28 into the quantity field on the Quick Order Form will alert the user that only 28 items remain.


Enable backordered messages: If you enable this in addition to the Shopify tracks my inventory checkbox then products marked to Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock with an inventory of 0 or less will have a message on the Quick Order Form indicating they are backordered, with the incoming inventory date set up in the product’s transfer if applicable. Out of stock items will also be labeled.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.08.11 AM.png


Can the Quick Order Form be customized? We host this form on our servers it is the same template for all stores running our app, so customizations are not possible at this time. If you are handy with javascript and CSS you can write some code in the browser to customize the form. We are also happy to connect you with some developers we recommend for users who need their stores customized for wholesale customers.

Can I change the order the collections appear in the Quick Order Form navigation? At this time we are only able to display the listed collections alphabetically.