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Quick Order Form



The Quick Order Form is a great way for wholesale customers who are already familiar with your line to quickly shop your store.  The form is arranged by collections, and each product on the form links to its Product page if a customer wants to see more details or bigger pictures.


Any collections added to the Exclude Collections list will not appear on the Quick Order Form.  They will, however, still be visible on the rest of your site.  Also any products with an exclusion tag set in Wholesale Gorilla's General Settings will not appear on the Quick Order Form.

To exclude collections:

  1. Open Wholesale Gorilla and go to the Quick Order Form tab.

  2. Towards the bottom is the exclusions section, click Add Collection.

  3. Select collections to leave off the navigation bar.

  4. Save.

  5. Note: These collections will only be removed from the Quick Order Form navigation bar, they will not hide products on the rest of your site. To hide products from wholesale or retail customers you can use product tags. More info on that here.