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Product Exclusions

Wholesale Exclusions

To hide products from wholesale customers open Wholesale Gorilla and click the Settings tab.

Towards the top you will see an input to set your exclusion tags. Products with these tags will be hidden from wholesale customers and won’t receive wholesale pricing. Multiple tags can be separated by commas.

Enter a tag (tags are case sensitive) and click Save.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.00.37 PM.png

Next click the Products tab in your Shopify admin (on the far left menu bar). Find the product you would like to exclude and click to open it’s details page.

Towards the bottom of the far right column will be a section called Tags. Enter the tag you set in the above step, and then Save.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 3.11.32 PM.png

When a customer is logged into your store, and has customer tags on their account, then Products tagged with the exclusion tags will be hidden from all collection pages and the Quick Order Form. It is technically possible to see this product if they have a direct link, however no wholesale discounts will apply.

Retail Exclusions

If you would like to hide certain products from retail customers, add the tag wholesale-only to the product tags and it will not appear on any collection pages unless a customer is logged in with a wholesale account.

ABandoned Wholesale Checkouts

If you offer customers net terms is can sometimes be difficult to tell what Draft Orders are net orders and which ones are abandoned wholesale checkouts. If a wholesale customer clicks “Checkout” on the cart page they are taken into the checkout process, but if they don’t finish the process, their order will stay in draft status until they pay.

Even if you don’t offer net terms you can still use the Abandoned Cart Tool to scan your draft orders for potential abandoned checkouts. The tool generates a list of orders for your review. To open the order, click the order name and you will be taken to the draft order details page. If you think it is a relevant abandoned checkout for your customer you can send them an email or send an invoice directly from the draft order page.

It’s important to note that if a customer went back from the checkout page, changed their cart, and then clicked “checkout” again, a new draft order is created. So if a customer placed a similar order around the same time as the potentially abandoned draft you are viewing, then they probably don’t care about the abandoned draft anymore. You might have to do a little detective work but it generally doesn’t hurt to reach out to the customer to verify.

Back in the abandoned checkout tool you can click the “X” next to the order to hide it from the list in the future. This doesn’t delete or modify the order in Shopify, however.

Alternate Payment methods (paypal, amazon Pay, etc.)

Some stores have  buttons for alternate payment methods under the checkout button on their cart page.  In order for Wholesale Gorilla to function properly we have to hide these buttons.  Retail customers will not be affected. If you need these options to appear on the checkout page please let us know. 


All orders processed by Wholesale Gorilla are tagged with ‘wholesale’ plus any tags associated with the customer.  You can view orders in your Shopify admin, and filter by this tag to view all wholesale orders and generate reports.  Learn more.

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