Wholesale Gorilla
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The Flow

Checkout Process


The life of a wholesale order

Customers are able to checkout as any normal customer would, except with custom prices based on their customer tags will be displayed instead of regular prices.  (The process for customers with Net payment terms is a little different - see the Net Terms section of the User Guide).

Orders with discounted rates will automatically be tagged with the customer’s tags for easy searching in the Shopify admin Orders section.  The notes section of an order will also contain a notice that this order was processed with wholesale discounts making it easier for you or your staff to differentiate wholesale orders from retail orders.

What's up with the draft orders?

You may notice that an order temporarily appears in the Drafts section of your Shopify admin.  This is how Wholesale Gorilla processes wholesale discounts, and the order will be removed from the Drafts tab and into the regular Orders section as soon as the order is paid for.  

Note: If a customer is tagged with a valid wholesale tag but no wholesale pricing rules apply to items in their cart, they will checkout with the normal Shopify checkout process and no Wholesale Gorilla features will be implemented - including custom shipping rules.