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Troubleshooting Guide

Wholesale Gorilla Troubleshooting Guide

Having an issue with one of Wholesale Gorilla's features? Take a look below for troubleshooting tips for some of the most common issues new users experience. Can't find your specific issue? Feel free to reach out to us at support@wholesalegorilla.net and we'd be happy to help.

My customer can’t login - help!

Please confirm that your customer has an actual account on your site, and not simply an account page. They will need to have set up a password in order to log in, which may require you sending them an account invite. You can do this through the normal Shopify account invite process found here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/customers/customer-accounts#invite-customers-to-create-accounts

My customer is logged in, but still seeing retail pricing!?

There could be multiple causes for this issue, but the most common is that your customer doesn’t have an active discount rule tag on their account or has an incorrect discount rule tag on their account.

Please be sure that this customer has a discount rule tag on their account that will trigger a discount and always triple check that the tag is matches the tag you created in Wholesale Gorilla exactly. If your tag situation is in order and matches exactly, please contact our support team with your Shopify domain name, the name of your customer(s) experiencing the issue and a couple of listing examples that this is occurring on so that we may sort it out.

Can I customize the fields on the wholesale signup/login form?

Sadly this isn’t possible.

This form is created & hosted on our site’s servers, and is currently serving all of Wholesale Gorilla’s clients - you may have noticed that the URL is a bit different from the rest of the site; this is called a proxy, and let’s our server inject this form onto your site so that the auto-approval & auto-tag features can function. Due to the fact that this form serves all clients, it must be kept as generic as possible.

If you find that this form’s required information is inadequate, we recommend creating a secondary form somewhere else on your site and leaving a note in the signup page messaging area with steps on how to find this new form. If you feel that this secondary form is 100% crucial for a customer to earn an account, simply turn off auto-approval and only approve the accounts once they’ve filled out both forms. We do not create or provide these secondary forms.

Does my wholesale customer have to login with the wholesale login page?

Nope! Both of the login pages will take your customer to their account page, and only the main Shopify login page will allow your customer to reset their password should they forget it. Therefore either login is perfectly fine for them to use to get into their account.

Can I set up different discounts for different customers?

Absolutely! Please check out our Discount Creation guide for more information on creating discounts. Please be sure to use different tags for different customers, or else they will receive each other’s discounts.

Can I exclude an item from a certain customer?

Unfortunately, no. We do plan to add this as a feature at some point in the future, but for now items can only be hidden from either retail customers as an entire group (meaning a customer without an active discount rule tag on their account) and wholesale customers as a group (meaning a customer with an active discount rule tag on their account).

Can I set up shipping/quantity limits for just a certain customer?

Unfortunately, no. We do plan to add this as a feature at some point in the future, but for now these settings are one size fits all and will be applied to each and every wholesale customer no matter what other circumstances they are under.

What will my retail customers see on the store?

Anything that you add a link to with your navigation will be visible by your retail customers (the quick order form, login page, and signup pages). If added to your navigation, any messages added to these forms will be visible to retail customers as well. Though these are hidden within your site’s search functions, any excluded items that your retail customer has a direct link to will also be accessible as we can’t control any external site’s links. All wholesale pricing, wholesale quantity limits, wholesale shipping settings, and wholesale-only items will be hidden from your retail customers through our app.

My customer can’t login / isn’t receiving the account invite email / wants to delete their account!

Most of the customer account creation, management and editing functions are still processed through the Shopify platform; our app simply adds tags to these normal customer accounts in order to provide them with wholesale feature access. In most instances of customer account issues, you will need to contact Shopify’s main support team as they will have more control over identifying and fixing said issues. You are welcome to check with our team for further assistance, but please be aware that we are limited in what we can access and/or fix and you ultimately may be referred to Shopify’s main support in order to have this issue resolved.

Can I customize the new customer account notification?

Absolutely! This can be edited in the default Shopify dashboard ‘Notifications’ section.

Please review their guide for the steps on editing these notifications here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-online/notifications/edit-template

Please Note: These can not be changed for wholesale-specific accounts; the notification will remain the same for both retail & wholesale customer signups.

My customer has a net terms tag on their account, but they are still being prompted to pay at checkout?

In order for net checkout to take over, your customer must have a proper wholesale account (meaning an actual account that they have created a password for and which has a correct discount rule tag on it), must be logged in and must have the correct net terms tag on their account.

If your customer is being prompted to pay after clicking the ‘Continue’ button on the shipping pop-up and the discounts are still applying, their net terms tag is incorrect; these tags are case sensitive and must match what you have added to the net terms tag field in Wholesale Gorilla’s app settings perfectly. If your customer is seeing the checkout page without any of the discounts applying, they may have not logged in. If your customer has definitely logged in and their net tag is correct, but they are still being prompted for payment after clicking ‘Continue’ on the shipping pop-up, please contact us for further assistance.

How can I edit the net order?

Please review Shopify’s guide to draft orders: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/create-orders

If you are adding items to the order and need to also add wholesale discounts, please first remove all tags from the order and then follow this guide on manually adding discounts: https://www.wholesalegorilla.net/manual-orders

Can I set up different net terms tags for different customers?

This is not possible, but it is also not necessary.

Since you are determining the actual terms of your net terms, you simply need to ensure that your customer can send their order through without paying upfront. Having a single net terms tag will accomplish this function for all of your customers.

How do I make sure that my customer pays / Do you offer payment tracking?

You are entirely responsible for ensuring that all net orders get paid for. We do not offer any type of payment capturing before or after the order is placed, and we do not currently have any features which will keep track of what has/hasn’t been paid on an order. You may find other 3rd party apps that can help with this, but ours isn’t capable of either function.

Can you capture payment information and save it for later?

Unfortunately this is not something that our app is capable of doing; we can only offer you the ability to receive orders without payment being collected upfront.

Can I give my customer the option to pay upfront *or* use net terms?

Unfortunately this isn’t currently possible; once you tag a customer with the net tag, their orders will always come through as net orders unless you remove the tag from their account. If it is crucial that your customer has the option to pay upfront or send through draft orders, you will have to make them two different accounts - one with a net tag and one without. 

Can I accept partial payment through Shopify?

Unfortunately Shopify does not allow this on a single order, however you can split the invoice up into multiple invoices in order to piece it out for partial fulfilment/payment. In order to use this workaround, you will need to make a copy of your original draft order and edit its details (the items, shipping, tax, etc) per what you currently wish to charge/fill. Remove these items from your original draft so that only the unfulfilled items and unpaid costs remain. Repeat as often as necessary until the order has been filled & paid in full. Please see Shopify’s guide to copying draft orders here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/create-orders#duplicate-an-existing-order